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Below are a few of my video projects.  I am particularly passionate about entrepreneurship as a subject of study.  One reason I like entrepreneurship so much as a subject is that it demonstrates the best of human ambition, struggle, and growth.  Another reason is because the topic is universial and unifying.  I've interviewed entrepreneurs from Boston to Haiti to South Africa and although the environments are different at the core is a similiar human struggle to realize one's potential and create work to be proud of.

"I moved to Boston...we started our first location...we grew it to nine ...and we sold it"

- Mark S.

Co-Founder, Former Owner

Plaster Fun TIme, Inc


"I had been looking for a business for several years...I probably looked at close to 500 bsinesses"

- Chris

new owner

Plaster Fun Time, Inc

South Africa

While exploring what entrepreneurship looks like in different parts of the world I've met a diverse group of business owners. At the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor we categorized entrepreneurs by those who are Necessity Driven versus Opportunity Driven. Both groups however look at entrepreneurship as the means to obtain a better life and they face similar challenges when trying to start their companies. It's a universal theme that shows people are more similiar than they are different.  I hope to explore this more through journalism.

"This is for survival, myself i wanted to do engineering but here is very difficult in south africa" - Chunga

"The government sponsored taxi cab drivers for an opportunity to uplift their standard"

- Fezel Francis

Cape Town, South Africa

"Our goal is to make eco freindly sandles out of reused tire, caulk, and hemp"

- Sara Mason

Cape Town, South Africa

"This is for survival"

"Its incredibly rewarding because I get to work with young aspiring entrepreneurs on a daily basis who I regard as the future of this country" - Elli Yiannakaris

Boston Business Journal

I am a freelane video journalist for the Boston Business Journal (BBJ) where I produce short form video journalism for the web. Below are examples from two events "Power 50" and "Leaders in Diversity" both shot documentary style with interviews and natural sound.


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